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We retain an incredible group of social media influencers with large, dedicated Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube followers who endorse our clients’ products, services, and apps within their niches, assisting us in making the apps we market go VIRAL…

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Most of our client’s revenue has increased by more than 160% in 6 months.

Riya Gajjar

Director: Aslan Services and Riya’s Studio

Why choose our agency?

We’re able to tap into all subcultures & niche categories to make the best possible influencer match for your brand.

‘We drive positive ROIs through Influencer marketing campaigns’

‘With our photo, production and video production brands can go viral.’

‘We make brands memorable and recognizable through out brand marketing development’

‘Our influencer events allow brands to attract the target audience and guarantee major coverage in top publications

How We Utilize Successful Influencer Marketing


With our database of hundreds of influencers having followers from 10k to 1M across all major platforms, we know someone for every brand (and every budget). And in the unlikely situation that we don’t, we will perform a bespoke influencer search for you until we do.


We as industry experts endeavor on a search with a strategy tailored to your unique product and advertising needs, scouring all platforms for the most original, engaging, on-brand content creators we can find and delivering them in batches to you until we find the one.


You may select the influencer, we’ll handle the rest. Our team will take care of contracts, script-writing, scheduling, tracking, and commercial part. All you have to do is sit back and watch as our influencers bolster the value of your product, or service through the social proof of their endorsement!

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We manage social media accounts and expand brands’ customer base through follower growth, exceptionally well-made content, and high engagement rates.

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“The core of the influencer marketing lies in building a solid relationship brand value creation.”


We are the bridge between marketers and influencers. We work with top Gujarat’s influencers as well as national talent to create exceptional campaigns. Our influencer database includes celebrity, macro, micro, and consumer influencers. We filter talent according to each brand’s unique specifications, i.e. target audience, and identify influencers according to the demographic criteria. We negotiate the terms with influencers and oversee the entire process of posting and collecting campaign data.

we specialize in creating exceptional and memorable campaigns that drive sales, increase brand popularity, loyalty and trust. We work with top influencer talent, including celebrity, macro, micro, and consumer influencers. Our campaign centers around unique story-telling that drives consumer interest and achieves positive ROI.

Our social media marketing services include both social media management and social media advertising. The focus of our social media management program is to improve the look of the brand’s accounts and increase their visibility through better content and higher following. Social media advertising includes paid campaigns with influencers and/or directly promoted brand posts.

We are a fashion influencer agency that develops memorable content with a focus on exceptional quality and originality. Our work includes social media posts and videos, product and fashion photography, and another unique branding/marketing material. We are a fashion influencer agency that works with some of the top talents in video production and photography, including celebrity photographers and other top photography influencers.

We work with companies to create unique branding materials that make their products/services instantly recognizable. We identify special features of the brand, design visuals that effectively tell the brand’s story, and ensure consistency in messaging across different channels. The result is an easily recognizable and memorable company (product).

As one of the top influencer marketing PR firms, we work with influencers on gifting and expanding brands’ reach via organic posts or videos. We focus on a strategic approach to gifting, including vetting out those influencers interested in reviewing the product, collecting influencer shipping data, following up with influencers to ensure that they have received the products, and updating the brand on influencer posting results.

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