October 13, 2020

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RJ Riya CSR COID- 19 PPE kit distribution India

PPE Kit Distribution in SVP Hospital Ahmedabad.

The Bhuvan Care Foundation donated PPE kits amid the corona epidemic.
In total, we donated more than 1000 PPE kits in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-run hospital.

We thank all the friends of Ahmedabad and Bhuvan Kerr Foundation for their support in this mission and we will continue to do such work even further.

we hope that
Bj Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad,
Lg Hospital, Ahmedabad
SVG Hospital, Ahmedabad
This PPE kit will be very useful.

Advantages of PPE Kit:
Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits are used by doctors, nurses and medical staff to protect against corona virus and other deadly micro-organisms.
The PPE kit includes a body suit plus head gear, eye goggle, 3 layer surgical mask, gloves, face shield, and shoe protector.
The body suit prevents microbes from entering the bodies of doctors, nurses and medical staff. And greatly helps protect them from an epidemic like corona. And the head gear covers your head and hair, reducing the risk of infection.
Eye goggles ie eyeglasses, these devices prevent dangerous microorganisms like viruses and bacteria from entering our eyes.
The 3 layer Surgical Mask curbs microbes that enter by way of breath and mouth. It is made by joining three layers (layers), which helps in preventing diseases spread through the air. Therefore, this mask is very helpful in keeping our doctors and medical staff safe from diseases like corona virus.
Gloves play a very important role in this kit because doctors and nurses touch the patient and examine it. In such a situation, a dangerous virus like Kovid-19 can enter the body through hands, so doctors and nurses examine the patient only after wearing gloves.
The face shield covers the face completely, making the mouth, eyes and nose safe and the risk of spreading infection from these organs is greatly reduced.
You can wear the shoe cover on top of shoes or slippers. This prevents the viruses and bacteria on the ground from entering the body, which often fall on the ground in the form of droplets due to the patient’s sneezing and sneezing. And who can come on our body through the legs of medical staff.
This kit, once used, is placed in a disposable bag by doctors, nurses and medical staff. So that no other person comes in contact with it and the disease can be prevented from spreading.

Bhuvan Care Foundation Initiative

Conducted event to spread awareness to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 to Drivers.

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