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Social distancing to slow the spread of Covid-19 can be especially hard for teens, who may feel cut off from their friends. Many teens also face big letdowns as graduations, events, sports seasons, college visits, and other long-planned events are canceled or postponed. School students are faced with the question of how to receive the same quality of education virtually, especially for practical degrees. However, of all the risks, I am most concerned about the mental wellbeing of young people post-COVID-19. The pandemic has instigated rapid change across all facets of life, increased anxiety levels, and general uncertainty for all.

Teenagers and Covid RJ Riya Gajjar's Blog

Hammering protocols we see all around us


Wear Mask


Social Distancing



So here are some ideas a teenager can do to help things turn around:


  • Today, there are two diseases currently spreading around the world in a viral manner: COVID-19 and fake news. The vaccine for both? “Good information.” Teenagers can use their social media platforms just the right way. For example, they can Tweetchat about how to keep safe against COVID-19. Use hashtag #StaySafeStayHome, #Lockdown, #COVIDIOTS, #WFH / #WorkingFromHome, #Covid19, #Coronavirus
  • People are all trying their best to adhere to their government’s regulations regarding self-quarantine and lockdown. In doing so, teens can use these hashtags to promote self-isolation and social distancing in order to help #FlattenTheCurve.


  • Teenagers are at the forefront of risk communication initiatives, for instance, they can:
  • Address misinformation, discrimination, and stigma related to the crisis and disseminate information about COVID-19 using various platforms in official and local languages.
Teenagers and Covid RJ Riya Gajjar's Blog


Emphasize on Mental Health

They can find ways to check on and support others’ mental health through social media.

Spread the awareness

They can promote guidance and guidelines and address the COVID-19 related needs of the most vulnerable in their communities and societies.

Recreations while recreating

They can provide tools for physical activities and sport using social media, during confinement.

Utilize Social Reach as a tool

They have more social reach; thus, they can communicate more.

Help: Data Compilation

They can also contribute to data-collection and monitoring, including in relation to marginalized communities, to assess the COVID-19 response.

Teens have the power of social media and they know to use it:

  • The early stories of COVID-19 spread quickly thanks to social media and young people are well equipped to identify and share trusted news content with their communities.
  • They can help break down technological barriers that many Indian families may face when physically distancing.
  • Often criticized for connecting through social media rather than in person, young people can take this time to teach older generations to stay connected. Whether through sharing an informative Twitter thread from a physician or a helpful Facebook post from a local business, showing a parent how to FaceTime, or showing a grandparent how to stream a press conference or religious event, young adults can help their families use technology to build community and maintain a connection to the outside world.
  • Viral social media challenges and Reels, sometimes dismissed as silly, can now provide genuine entertainment and feelings of connectedness and even spread core public health messages in a memorable way.
  • In many cases, families and households will now depend on younger family members to assist with important tasks of everyday living—from purchasing groceries and essential supplies to running errands.
  • Also, when it comes to providing the skills and workforce to combat this public health crisis, there are many stories of young people stepping up to the plate through innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to help assist in the pandemic response. Thus, these teens can definitely help other people and change things for the betterment.
Teenagers and Covid RJ Riya Gajjar's Blog

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