Celebrity Vs Influencer in 2020-21


The Influencer Trend Changing The Indian Landscape, social media influencers have taken over celebrities. Social media has made a new definition in the digital age, especially during the unprecedented situation of the coronavirus. Now celebrities are no more trendsetters, it’s all about influencers & good content. We have witnessed celebrities following trends on social media like ‘रसोड़े में कौन था’ “पावरी हो रही है..“ and many more melodies by Yashraj Mukhate, Dalgona Coffee, Binod, Pass The Brush Challenge, and lot many.

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influencer vs celebraties- by riya

Trendz: Ever changing and evolving

Time has gone where social media was a platform known for people to connect with their favorite celebrities and other famous personalities but now with the change in the digital age the audience is accepting, welcoming, and appreciating new talent, influencers with “open hands”. As they can relate to influencers more than they can relate to celebrities because influencers are just “ normal people “ who put their talent and showcase their creativity on an expanded platform that goes viral and reaches out to people. Of course, not much edited or professionally shot.

Showcase your brand to the ‘Target Audience’

From bloggers and social media stars to traditional celebrities – marketers can pick from a wide array of social media influencers the clause is It just has to go with the brands.

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Being a celebrity has pros & cons. In the industry celebrities are the “face” of almost every product; be it makeup, perfumes, handbags, etc, through these, they attract their fans, the general public who consider them to be their idols, their inspiration, and become someone whom they look up to. Lastly, with stardom comes more opportunities, endorsements, whether it is related to their career or not.

As it is said with pros come cons. Similarly being in the spotlight 24/7 is not easy, it hinders their privacy, also with the media constantly being around them wherever they go, watching and updating every movement of theirs becomes irritating for them as well. With all the stature, charm, remembrance they have left behind the things they loved to do, they have given up on the “normal life “.


Learn to delegate

Something new has evolved on social media during the lockdown. The platform has been indulging in fresh faces, new talent, and creativity with new-age influencers making a mark on the platform.


Better Perspective

The audience seems to very well connect with them as they are normal people who put in their ideas, their life on social media. Thus, with these new influencers, people are associating more with them than celebrities.



Influencers are very much trusted in the world of marketing, the consumers listen and engage with them as they find their content attractive and valuable, unlike celebrities who play a part in a show or movie and do not personally build a relationship or connect with their fans.


Engage with your followers

One of the most important things with them is that they engage with their followers on a more personal level than the traditional level. They try and build a connection that encourages people to stick with their content.

The ultimate branding assistant has to pay price too..

But again, being an influencer is a tedious job because sometimes when people connect with you they often have high expectations with every post. They expect you to be regular on posting but there are times when being active or posting content is not possible which disappoints them and they drop in bad comments which are discouraging. A few influencers purchase fake followers in order to get esteemed, they compare their followers to someone who has more followers than them and desires for their success.

Summing up to one thing, influencers have definitely taken a win over celebrities during the pandemic. A time where during the period of lockdown they discovered the talents in them, came up with new ideas, created something unique and different which linked everyone. Now, brands are veering towards influencers as they are rapidly becoming content creators for brands, putting out messages of positivity, empathy, and awareness. Brands are also roping in influencers that have expertise in the area of wellness, fitness, beauty, and mental health to support the consumers during these difficult times. With unique business marketing strategies and the availability of social media platforms, it has become affordable and wise for brands operating at different scales to work with influencers and not with celebrities.

Rj Riya Gajjar Photography Modeling by Gaurang anand
influencer vs celebraties- by riya

The Bottom-Line

End of this blog I must mention that I’m running my own influencer marketing company and post dealing with many national & local brands what I have realized is brands look upon traction and not numbers of followers. And yes as a united community of influencers we all need to learn to say big “No” to barters. As it is actually time to make money for you(doesn’t matter if you are nano or a macro influencer) in the field of digital marketing.


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